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There can be a lot of stress associated with organizing and managing your company’s corporate travel needs. You have to worry about emergencies, flight delays, budgeting, and employee satisfaction. Many companies are deterred from business travel agencies because they don’t want to pay for what they believe an in-house employee can already do.

However, agencies provide an array of services that will save you money and alleviate the stress involved with corporate travel. Read on to learn about the advantages of enlisting the services of a business travel service.


You’ll come across numerous eye-catching travel discount ads, and they are a mess to sort through. If you do manage to find the best ones, and they’re legit, they still won’t measure up to the discount opportunities an service can give you.

Due to the high volume of business interactions, agencies have established relationships with airlines, car rental companies, and hotels. These partnerships open doors to unique discounts and contracts that can save you a great deal of money.


Like life, business is full of unexpected change, and you must be adaptive to be successful. The travel industry is no exception to this occurrence: flights get delayed, meetings get rescheduled, and emergencies come up. Whatever the reason for your itinerary change, trying to shift your flights on your own accord can be stressful and result in costly, unavoidable fees.

The same relationships that agencies leverage for discounts are the same ones that position them advantageously when it comes to rescheduling flights. Airlines prioritize their relationships with agencies over making a few dollars in fees. These savings are then passed on to your business.


Most travel agencies provide contact services 24/7. While you can hope that emergencies are rare during your corporate travel, knowing that you always have a contact provides a peace of mind. If you have an employee traveling and a family situation arises in the middle of the night, the traveler may not be able to reach someone in your company for assistance.

An agency will be able to work with them at any hour to get them where they need to go. This feature may seem like a minute advantage that will rarely be used, but it provides security to your traveling employees. The times an emergency contact is needed quickly shows the services value.

Take advantage of the unique benefits a business travel service provides. You’ll save money, be more flexible, and improve employee morale. We want you and your employees to get the most out of your corporate travel. Experience the difference.



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